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It's time to close the gender gap in the financial world!

The Female Financial Force is an independent online community that empowers women around the world to achieve their financial goals, organized by Invest Org.

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Invest Org

Across the board, women are unhappy with our industry.

Abigail Johnson, CEO at Fidelity

On a mission to empower women.

The Female Financial Force is funded by Invest Org, but managed by women independently. The program will allow women of all ages to make connections around the world, increase their financial knowledge and impart change.

For years, men predominated financial affairs in the household. As a result, women were left without the confidence or knowledge to make sound financial decisions. Fortunately, women’s financial rights have come a long way, and many companies are striving towards higher gender diversity in the workplace. However, there still remains a lack of representation and encouragement of women in finance. In fact, women currently occupy less than 10% of senior roles in fields like portfolio management, real-estate, hedge funds and private equity.

The Female Financial Force was established to remediate the underrepresentation of females in the financial world. Let’s advocate for gender equality, and find creative solutions to resolve this problem!

Our Board

A strong and close knit group!

Our Board works closely together to organize events and offer opportunities to our members, as well as recruiting more young women to join the Force!


The top liaison communication between the members, the Board and Invest Org.

VP of Events

Managing and creating events, workshops and conferences for the F3 community!

VP of Marketing

Creates social media marketing initiatives and promotion for F3 events!

VP of Clubs

Management and recruitment for all F3 and Invest Org clubs across the world!


Manages all meetings, communication with members and updates to the public!

Invest Org Rep

An official representative from Invest Org!

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We are looking for young women from Canada and the United States to help us launch this initiative!

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